We Recycle


Pitkin County Landfill has served businesses and municipalities throughout the Roaring Fork Valley since 1958. The landfill handles receives roughly 280 tons of waste per day, or more than 90,000 tons annually. The Pitkin County Landfill supports the growth and prosperity of the region by providing safe and environmentally responsible waste disposal services.


Single Stream Recycling

The Pitkin County Landfill offers single stream recycling which means all recyclable materials are collected together. There is no need to separate your recyclables.



• Newspaper
• Cardboard
• Recyclable Plastic #s 1-7
• Magazines
• Metal/Steel/Tin Cans*
• Glass Bottles & Jars*
• Paper Bags
• Phone Books
• Office Paper
• Aluminum
• Paperboard (cereal/beer boxes)*
• Milk/juice Cartons

Not Accepted:

• Plastic Bags of Any Sort
• Styrofoam (even if it has a recycle symbol)
• Bubble Wrap
• Plastic Film
• Ceramic Dishware
• Glassware, Window Glass
• Pizza Boxes
• Foam Food Containers


Drop Off Locations: Rio Grande Recycling Center, Pitkin County Landfill, Redstone Recycling Center, & Waste Management Recycling Transfer Center (Willits)


Textile Recycling

We accept textiles for recycling and reuse. Textile drop off is free. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

• Place items in clear or white trash bags.
• Please do not overload bags.
• Please bag shoes and boots separately



• Clothes
• Purses
• Backpacks
• Belts
• Hats
• Blankets
• Sheets
• Curtains
• Towels
• Shoes
• Boots

Not Accepted:

• Pillows
• Rugs
• Carpet
• Carpet padding


Electronics Recycling

It is illegal in Colorado to put electronics such as computers, printers, monitors, copiers, televisions, keyboards and computer mice into the landfill. All electronics dropped off at the Pitkin County Landfill go to a certified electronics recycler that safely breaks them down, recycles as many of the components as possible and responsibly disposes of the hazardous materials.

Note: Appliances and non-chip items like microwaves, stoves and stereo speakers, are not considered electronics.

Note: Local resale shops can not accept used electronics. Please do not take printers, computers or televisions for donation, even if they are in working order.


Mattress Recycling

Mattresses are diverted from the landfill due to the difficulty in compacting and burying them. They are shipped to Denver for recycling. Box springs are still considered trash.



We are registered with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Education as a tire collection facility. Tires may not be buried in the landfill; however, they are collected here for authorized disposal and recycling.



We accept hardcover and soft cover books for reuse. Drop off books at the landfill during operating hours. There is no charge to recycle books. Phone books, magazines and catalogues should be placed into singles stream recycling.



All refrigeration and air conditioning units must have the Freon evacuated by a certified Freon removal specialist before they may be left at the landfill. Google “Freon Removal” to find a local company. See price sheet for appliance disposal fees.



We collect good, usable latex paint and reprocess it to make large batches of attractive colors. There is a $1 per gallon container processing fee to accept paint. These recycled paints are available for sale in quarts and gallons at very low prices. Visit the website for current colors and prices.



Loose scrap metal is accepted at the landfill free of charge.


Household Hazardous Materials

Residents and conditionally exempt small businesses may bring the following to the landfill for proper disposal and recycling:

  • Chemicals

  • Batteries

  • Paints & oils

  • Fluorescent lights

  • Propane tanks

  • Smoke detectors

The Household Hazardous Waste facility operates Wednesday through Saturday during normal landfill hours The facility is closed Monday and Tuesday for the sorting and processing of collected material.

Businesses are limited to 25 gallons of material a month. For large quantities of materials to drop-off, please call ahead and schedule an appointment.

The Household Hazardous Waste Facility, located at the Pitkin County Landfill, operates year round.



For containers for home use and mail back services visit the following websites:

The Valley Resource Management Group has launched a campaign on proper sharps disposal. VRM is currnently offering free mail-back containers (while supplies last) to the residents of the Roaring Fork Valley. The Pitkin County Solid Waste Center and Pitkin County Public Works has sharps mail-back containers available. For other locations and for more information on the program visit www.BeSharpsSafe.org

• SharpsDisposal.com
• SharpsAssure.com



The Pitkin County Sheriff’s office has a collection box at 506 E Main #204 (Courthouse) 970.920.5300.
No chemotherapy drugs, no marijuana, no sharps, & no illegal drugs.

The Aspen Police Department partners with the DEA
and generally has 2 collection events a year. They are
also a collection point and can take medications. (970) 920-5400.