Household Hazardous Materials
Paint: $1/gallon
Paint Related Material: $5/gallon
Liquid Fertilizer: $5/gallon
Liquid Chemicals: $5/gallon
Motor Oil: $1/gallon
Antifreeze: $1/gallon
Unknown Chemicals: $8/gallon
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: $1/ea
Ballast: $1/ea
Fluorescent Bulbs: $.50/ft
Aerosol Can: $1/ea
Vehicle Battery: $1/ea
Propane Tank (Grill): $5/ea
Propane Tank (Camping): $1/ea
Smoke Detector: $5/ea
Mercury Thermostat: $10/ea

Retail Sales
Potting Soil (25 lb. bag): $3.50
Compost (25 lb. bag): $3.50

Soils for Sale
Top Soil: $32/ton
Compost: $36/ton
Potting Soil: $36/ton
Wood Chips: $30/ton

Aggregate Products

3/4” Class 6 Road Base: $14/ton

3” Minus: $8.50/ton

3/8” Minus: Sale $4/ton

3/4” Screened Rock: $14/ton

3/4” Crushed Concrete: Sale $4/ton

Boulders: $35/ton

*Call ahead for disposal instructions. All products subject to availability and 6.9% sales tax.

Mouse, Keyboard: $8.50 each
CPU, Desktop Printer, Stereo, most TV’s: $20 each
Office Copier, Huge Televisions: $45 each
Cell Phones: Free

Mattress: $25.00 each
Mattress/Box Spring Combo: $31.25

Tires without rims: $6.00 each
Tires with rims: $12.50 each
Commercial Vehicle Tires: $26.60 each

*Cars/Trucks: $50 each
*Mobile Home (single): $1,000 each

Scrap Metal: Free

Major Appliances: $6.50 each

Loose Trash: $89/ton
Construction Debris & Loose Trash: $15 minimum

Manure: $30/ton
Compactor Trucks: $58.50/ton

Compostable Materials
Branches: $45/ton ($15 minimum)
Grass and Leaves: $15/ton
Food Waste: $15/ton
Bio Solids: $30/ton

Incoming Soil & Rock
Clean Screenable Soil: $10.50/ton
Clean Asphalt: $15/ton
Clean Rock & Cover Soil: $15/ton

We take Visa,MasterCard,Amex, and Discover Card payments.
There is a 2.50% fee (minimum fee $1.95)
Bring cash or check to save on this cost.

Waste Allowance Program

The current Pitkin County Waste Allowance program is a $100 credit per household per year for all incoming materials.

  • The program starts fresh January 1st of each calendar year. You must sign up in person every year.

  • Pitkin County residents must sign up IN PERSON and bring personal identification and a copy of their Pitkin County tax bill or Pitkin County vehicle registration to qualify for the program.

  • The resident must deliver in person as well. No HOAs, landscape companies, property management companies, hired laborers or anyone not living at the household on record.

  • Only one credit per household. Even if you are lucky enough to own multiple homes in Pitkin County, you can only claim one allowance.

Drive up to the scale house window with your driver’s license and Pitkin County vehicle registration or property tax bill and we will get you set up.