Waste and Recycling Code Exemption


Exemption Process

Residential customers, group accounts and commercial customers may apply for and be granted an exemption from the recycling requirements established by Waste and Recycling Code CRS 30-15-401.  The process shall include:

a.       Short-term exemptions (up to twelve months), long-term exemptions (up to five years) or modifications to the recycling requirements may be issued upon the submittal of an exemption application and subsequent approval by the County Manager or designee.

b.      A written application shall be submitted to the Solid Waste Manager or designee by the customer or their registered hauler – the application shall provide all relevant details pertaining to the exemption request including but not limited to;

·         Name, location and contact information of the customer and property owner (if different).

·         Current solid waste collection service details including number, volume capacity, collection frequency and hauler for each trash, recyclables and organics container.

·         Requested exemption, rationale and supporting data – which may include dimensions, photographs, material quantities, waste audit results, locations where the registered hauler cannon reasonably provide year-round recyclables collection service, disposal and qualified facilities used by self-haulers, regulations that could be violated, cost justification (such as lien, receivership, foreclosure, tax record or service cost estimate information) and/or other data needed to substantiate the exemption request and shall verify that full payment of any outstanding fines against the customer/waiver applicant has been made (if applicable).

·         Following a review of submitted data and any follow-up required for verification (including site visits for customers requesting an exemption on the basis of extreme space constraints), the Solid Waste Manager or designee may approve with or without modification or may deny the exemption request – exemption modifications may include partial exemptions such as allowing smaller recyclable containers, less frequent collection, sharing recyclable containers or other options that balance customer needs against the intent of the ordinance or regulations promulgated hereunder .

·         An appeal process for denied exemption requests will be as described under Registration Hauler Requirements.

·         Exemptions may be renewed up to one (1) additional year if a renewal form provided by the County is submitted no less than thirty (30) days before the exemption expiration period – renewal applications will be expected to include workable solutions to resume recyclables collection service (such as shared recyclable containers, centralized collections or other) wherever possible.



Pitkin County Waste and Recycling Code Exemption Form


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Please return exemption request to: Pitkin County Solid Waste Center, Attn: Waste and Recycling Exemption, PO Box 457, Basalt, CO  81621