What We Do

We seek to protect our environment and extend the life of our landfill by reducing waste generation through public education, appropriately reusing materials through diversion, recycling, and sales of valuable commodities with state of the art collection programs. We provide safe and ethical material disposal for all other materials with no recycling or reuse value.

We are committed to:
●  Minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations through rigorous review & taking corrective actions
● Creating new and responsive programs to improve our environment
● Maintaining compliance with all federal, state and local environmental laws & regulations
● Requiring our employees to hold themselves to the highest ethical standards for site operations
● Embracing a culture of which employees and citizens can be proud


Our Promise


Pitkin County Landfill is committed to being a good neighbor in the communities we serve. Our customers can always rely on us to handle their recycling & waste needs in a way that’s easy & effortless for them.


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The Landfill

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Safety Requirements & Rules


Pitkin County Landfill is committed to meeting the needs all of our customers and providing a safe and efficient landfill operation. In order to do this, we need the full cooperation of all customers and employees. Everyone must fully comply with the landfill policies, as well as any Federal, State and local laws or regulations that may apply.