Leaves/Grass/Branches for Composting

Our composting operation takes leaves, grass, branches, twigs, cut-back and wood organics for and mixes them with food waste and other organics.

The composting program follows rigorous operational, monitoring, and sampling protocols.  The County’s composting process follows the standards set forth by the US Composting Council (USCC). In 2013 the County’s Compost program became USCC Standard of Testing Assurance (STA) Certified. In order to maintain STA Certification the program must be re-certified annually.

The price to drop off compostable material is substantially lower than that of trash so it pays to keep your load clean.  Check our Price List for current incoming rates.

If a load has any trash, dirt or sod in it and cannot be separated, then the entire load goes to the landfill. If any customer is caught dumping any trash, even a bottle, into the piles there will be a $150 clean up fee.

Dirt and sod kept separate from other trash can come in as Cover Dirt at a lower rate than trash.

No processed or manufactured wood (lumber, furniture, fencing) is accepted in our compost program.

We grind the branches and trees into wood chips and mix it with leaves, grass, food waste and other organics. We arrange the mixture into piles called windrows.  The windrows are constantly monitored and turned until they reach 133° for at least 17 consecutive days.  The finished mixture is then sent to a lab for testing for quality assurance before it is screened and sold.

Free Loading of Soils

We sell our compost and potting soil by the ton and it is also available in bags.  Potting soil is a mix of topsoil and compost (about 60/40). We also have topsoil for sale.   We often run out of soil products for sale, especially in the fall, so call ahead to ensure we have stock.  429-2880.  Check out our Price List for current rates on our soil products.

18 LB bags of Compost. $2.50 per bag