SCRAPS Food Recycling

SCRAPS is a food waste and compostable paper collection program that diverts food that would otherwise be wasted away from the landfill.  Instead, it is turned into a valuable product–compost.

We also have bags of our compost and potting soil available for sale at the landfill. $2.50 for an 18-pound bag of either material.

FREE COMPOST COLLECTION BUCKET TO RESIDENTS.   Come up to the landfill during regular business hours.  We have partnered with the City of Aspen Environmental Health Department (920.5039) and with EverGreen ZeroWaste (987.3140) on the SCRAPS program and we all have buckets available.

Are you a commercial kitchen, HOA, restaurant or workplace interested in composting and lowering your trash collection bill?  Email or contact EverGreen ZeroWaste to sign up for the FREE loan of a commercial size metal, bear-proof tote.

We offer FREE residential compost drop-off at the Pitkin County Landfill.  Pull up to the Scale House for information and directions.


Evergreen Zero Waste offers very reasonably priced residential and commercial curbside pickup.  Email Alyssa Reindel at for more information, or visit their website at or call Alyssa at  970.987.3140


Mountain Waste & Recycling, Inc. offers compost collection for residents and businesses.  Contact Mountain Waste & Recycling, Doug Goldsmith at 970-963-3435 or by email at          


Our first SCRAPS testimonial—-“I cook regularly and eat a lot of vegetables and I always felt bad about throwing my food waste in the trash. My girlfriend recommended we start composting. I thought it would be difficult given that I didn’t have a location to do it at home, but once we did a little research and learned that Aspen and Pitkin County offer free inside collection bins and multiple curbside pick-up and free drop-off locations—we picked up a bucket the next day!”

SCRAPS Food Bucket

Free Drop Off at the Landfill


4 thoughts on “SCRAPS Food Recycling

  1. Cool program! Can you please add other free drop off locations? Rio Grande and AABC would be good spots. Driving to the landfill isn’t really feasible for just a single bucket. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your comment Mike and thanks for being part of the program. I understand the concern you raise. We are considering other options but Rio Grande presents a challenge because we already experience a lot of illegal dumping at that site as well as trouble with wildlife/human contacts that would be increased by having food scrap collections at that site. The AABC is more promising. Do you live or work there? Part of the SCRAPS program allows us to provide metal, bear proof dumpsters and wheeled totes to HOAs, workplaces and the like to collect food waste/scraps from residences, businesses, subdivisions, HOAs etc. We provide them for free if there is interest in paying for the pickup of the compost/food scraps by the business or HOA. If you are interested in learning more, please let me know. Jack Johnson 429-2885

    • Based on our recent waste diversion study, conducted in 2015, approximately 17% of the waste going into the landfill is food. Food equates to approximately 5,700 tons of waste.

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