Free Trash

Special Programs for Pitkin County Households

Waste Allowance Program

The Pitkin County Waste Allowance program is a $100 credit per year for all incoming materials. The program starts fresh at the beginning of each calendar year.  Pitkin County residents must sign up IN PERSON and bring personal identification AND a copy of their Pitkin County tax bill or Pitkin County vehicle registration to qualify for two programs.  The Resident must deliver in person as well. No HOAs, landscape companies, property management companies, hired laborers or anyone not living at the household on record.

Only one credit per household. Even if you are lucky enough to own multiple homes in Pitkin County your name can only be on the list one time.  Please, no double-dipping.

Drive up to the scale house window with your driver’s license and Pitkin County vehicle registration and we will get you set up.

More Free Trash:  Half & Half Program

The Half & Half program allows Pitkin County residents who have already applied to bring in equal amounts of recyclables and trash and not be charged for their trash.