Household Hazardous Materials Disposal

HHW Drop Off Area

The Household Hazardous Waste Facility is open Wednesday through Saturday during regular business hours.  The facility is closed Monday and Tuesday.

Please see our Price List for a complete list of accepted items and the cost to drop them off. Businesses may only drop off 25 gallons per month of flammable, corrosive or toxic items.

All containers must be 5 gallons or less. 55 gallon drums are not accepted.   All containers must have a sealed lid.  If original label is gone please label with tape/markers.

Call ahead if you are planning a large drop off. 429.2892.

Large amounts of glycol or antifreeze flushes must contact a specialized hauler such as Tri State Oil Reclaimers 307.635.5332, Clean Harbors Enviornmental Service 303.371.1100 or Curbside, Inc. 888.449.3733.

SHARPS DISPOSAL (needles):  See websites like and for containers for home use and mail back service.

MEDICATIONS:  The Pitkin County Sheriff’s office has a collection box.  Walk in during regular hours, 506 E Main #204. 920.5300. No chemotherapy drugs, no sharps and no illegal drugs.  The Aspen Police department partners with the DEA and generally has 2 events a year. They are also a collection point and can take medications.  920.5400.