Electronics Recycling

Electronics Reycling in Colorado is mandatory.  It is illegal to put electronics such as computers, printers, monitors, copiers, televisions, keyboards and mice into the landfill.

Our drop off is open during regular business hours. All electronics go to a Certified Electronics Recycler that safely breaks them down, recycles as many of the components as possible and responsibly disposes of the hazardous materials.

See our Price List for current disposal rates.

Appliances and non-chip items, like microwaves, stoves and stereo speakers, are not considered Electronics.

The Thrift Shop of Aspen CANNOT accept used electronics.  Please do not take printers, computers or televisions there, even if they are in working order.  Sorry.  These have to be responsibly disposed of at the landfill.

CELL PHONES:  We take cell phones for recycling free of charge.  Pull up to the scale house window and drop them off.