Our finished compost is certified by the US Composting Council and each batch is tested and certified before sale.  Consult our price sheet for the cost of incoming green waste materials and the price of our finished compost.

Green Waste Composting

Green waste is any general yard waste, sticks, plants and flowers, branches, grass, or leaves.  This material is diverted from the landfill and composted into a usable resource.  Green waste materials may be mixed together but may not include dirt, rock, trash or any other non-compostable material.  Incoming material is $45 per ton with a minimum charge of $12.50 (about 500 lbs).

Construction lumber, treated or not, furniture, pallets, plywood or wood scraps that have been manufactured in any manner are not accepted for composting.  They are trash and cost the trash rate.

Food Composting–SCRAPS

We offer free residential food waste composting drop off at the landfill.  The following are suitable for food composting:

Meat, fish, dairy, fruit, vegetables, bones, pasta, rice, eggshells, all seafood shells except oyster shells, nutshells, bread, grains, coffee grounds and tea bags.  Small amounts of food-soiled paper and compostable packaging are acceptable, including pizza and cereal boxes and paperboard take-out containers, provided they are shredded into small pieces.  Please, no foam, waxed or plastic covered containers.  Small amounts of plants and flowers and landscape vegetation are acceptable too.

Garbage and recycling must be kept separate from food composting materials.

Food waste for composting may be brought to the landfill for free during operating hours.  Please drive up to the scalehouse to check in with your load.


We offer a 6 1/2 gallon sealed gasket and lockable food composting buckets for general kitchen use. It has a very tight lid that prevents odors from escaping.  It is not designed to be bear proof but it is VERY sturdy.  Call 429-2880 or for details.

Bear Proof Metal Tote Loan Program–Commercial

We offer a limited number of bear proof metal totes for commercial and institutional kitchens interested in composting but required to store compost outside.  Call 429-2880 or for details.

How Does Pitkin County’s Composting Program Work?